16-24 November 2019 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

The Artisan EV 2000 R Our engineers and designers have retained the timeless classic scooter design whilst taking everything back to a shell. They specified parts and components specifically for the UK and European markets.

Artisan Electric Scooters are EU type approved with EU Certificates of conformity. More than that, (as long-time riders, designers and engineers) we have built in features and finishing touches that make the Artisan a unique, modern, fun ride. Eco friendly. No road tax, no petrol, no congestion charge, low maintenance, free parking and pennies to charge! The EV 2000 R removable Lithium Power cell battery packs enable you to re-charge anywhere with a standard 13 A socket.

If you are like three quarters of the UK working population that live within 30 minutes of work then a charge will last 2-3 days, with a range of up to 80 KM All Artisan scooter models are congestion charge free and enjoy the benefit of free road tax. With a full charge typically costing as little as 20p there has never been a better time to be both environment and pocket friendly. No starting, no warm up, just turn the key, take in the fresh air and off you go. If you are road aware and can ride a bike, the Artisan scooter is a joy to ride. No clutch, no kick starting, no unreliable dirty engine. Just twist the throttle to go and apply powerful front and rear brakes to stop. The scooter also has dual mirrors LED indicators and daytime running lights. 12 Months Nationwide Artisan Guarantee, Plus, complimentary Road Assist, Breakdown Recovery and Home Assist. Artisan Scooters is part of a UK automotive group established for over 30 years.

Our electric scooters have had over 3 years of exhaustive trials and development in the UK to EU standards and have proven incredibly reliable. Much more reliable than equivalent petrol scooters. They also need very little maintenance, servicing can be carried out by any competent motorcycle or scooter dealer and is backed up by our in-house technical assistance.


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