16-24 November 2019 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show


LS2 is the fastest-growing helmet brand in the world.

Launched in 2007, LS2 currently produces more than 2 million helmets a year in its 330,000 square feet factory, which are exported across the world.

LS2 supplies its helmets direct to motorcycle and accessory stores, cutting out the additional cost of regional distributors, so customers get better value for money.

Technology is at the forefront of LS2 designs, using materials like wide-weave carbon fibre and kinetic polymer alloy for the shells and including practical safely features, such as emergency release cheek pads in selected models.

See the 2019 collection from LS2 at Motorcycle Live, including the all-new High Performance Fiberglass Composite Challenger race helmet, as well as full-face models for touring and commuting, off-road designs, flip-fronts and open-face types.


There will also be an opportunity to meet ‘King’ Carl Forgarty, LS2’s newly-signed brand ambassador, who will be helping to spread the word about exciting new developments.







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