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BikeSafe is a Police led motorcyclist advisory, assessment and referral scheme.

Workshops typically run throughout the spring and summer months, and through the website, you should be able to access and book a workshop close to you.

The aims of BikeSafe are to encourage those attending to then go onto take advantage of accredited post-test training and to encourage positive rider behaviour and attitudes.

Whilst advanced police riders are some of the safest on the roads, we are not in the business of delivering rider training to the public, hence BikeSafe is not a training scheme in itself. We do, however, through our BikeSafe workshops, provide detailed briefings on hazard awareness and how to make your motorcycling safer, followed up in most forces by an on-road assessed ride.

You will receive detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses or your riding. We will provide honest feedback in our review, as we believe that provides the greatest benefit to the rider. The crucial next step after having had your BikeSafe assessment is to go on to undertake further training from the range of organisations that provide post-test training throughout the UK.

Our workshops will provide you with details of how and where to find this. We work closely with many partners, including the Motorcycle Industry Association, the Department for Transport and various voluntary road safety organisations.

Our aim is to strengthen these existing partnerships, as well as develop new ones, all in the name of road safety and to maintain a ‘motorcycling voice’. Everyone involved with BikeSafe is extremely experienced and passionate about what they do and many of those give up their own time to help others, like you.

So what are you waiting for, why not book yourself on a workshop?

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